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M2030 UV Flatbed Printer With Ricoh Gen5 Print Heads

Head : Ricoh GEN5 Print Heads

Printing Size :2500mm*1300mm

Ink:UV Ink


Resolution: V720*600dpi,V720*900dpi,V720*1200dpi etc.

Model: M2030 UV

Brand: ORIC

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M2030 UV Flatbed Printer With Ricoh Gen5 Print Heads
Improvement on 2513 uv flatbed with gas floating bead makes it easier to fix media, which is timesaving and laborsaving. Make background wall of more visual impact, bump effect makes painting more impressive layering. Personalized demand is needed and UV Flatbed printer makes it with incomparable painting performance. UV Flatbed Printer & Hybrid Engraving Machine is the gold standard in future of sign industry. Wide applications in indoor and outdoor advertising products, display props,logo signs,image production,personalized gift、building decoration,3D stereoscopic painting,packaging and industrial applications,applications in multi-layer relief printing etc.