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Latex-3300 Environmental Friendly 3.2m Latex Printer

Head : Ricoh G5

Printing width : 3200mm

INK : latex ink

Color : 4 colors (C/M/Y/K)

Resolution : 400dpi

Model: Latex-3300

Brand: ORIC

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Latex-3300 Environmental Friendly 3.2m Latex Printer

Achieving amazing colors
Quick dry and no need laminating, highly improves the color performance. Sharpen the quality of any substrate with the vibrant color gamut of Latex Inks and a thin ink layer preserving media feel.

Outdoor thick scratch resistance
The latex composition in the ink is heated and dried to lock the pigment on the surface of the material, avoiding the oxidation of the pigment, thus preserving the color for a longer time and effectively preventing scratching.

Designed with the environment in mind
In addition to delivering outstanding image quality, consistency, and durability, water-based Latex Inks provide an attractive environmental protection for both printing service providers and customers.

Added optimizer output ,can be printed on uncoated materials, making the output more delicate, the colors more firm, and the picture saved longer.Can be directly printed on wallpaper, wallcovering, uncoated PVC & PET materials